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Education Web Links




RATE alphabet dictionary with links to sites for each letter lang arts

5 Kenn Nesbitt poems - meet the author lang arts

5 kids can publish their stories on the web lang arts

5 silly rhymes and poems, kids can publish lang arts

5 poems from children from around the world lang arts

5 interactive stories about a koala -created by 5 yr old lang arts

5 display of kid/school designed sites lang arts

4 make crazy mad lib stories lang arts

4 spelling game - choose the misspelled word lang arts

4 read and publish kids poems from around the world lang arts

4 read answers to FAQ of Eric Carle lang arts

3 find out about the Berenstein Bears and authors lang arts

3 on-line interactive lemonade stand game math

5 variety of on-line math games math

5 math facts practice - baseball game math

4 fun monster math games- cute graphics math

4 cash register game- make change math

3 visit a different country each month social stud

5 add to this display of kids peace drawings social stud

4 behind the scenes tour for kids social stud

4 Dept. of Justice -guide for coping with prejudice acts social stud

4 multi-activity site from Nat Geographic social stud

4 learn about other countries social stud

4 geography activities for parents and teachers social stud

4 code and decode hieroglyphic messages social stud

4 virtual tour of Betsy Ross Home social stud

4 castles for kids and neat kinks social stud

4 winter holiday page with links social stud

4 follow an Amazon adventure with activities social stud

4 tour of Canadian Children's Museum - view countries social stud

4 activities created by a school in Australia social stud

4 exchange postcards with classes around the world social stud

3 for elephant lovers of all ages, many activities, links science

5 Mad Scientist Network - ask questions to scientists science

5 lots of science activities geared towards kids science

5 learn about groundhogs, shadows and more science

5 learn about weather from a meteorologist science

5 nutrition-fruits & vegetables - free CD-ROM science

5 U.S. EPA Explorers Club - environmental science

5 nutrition info for kids, facts, recipes & more science

4 National Wildlife Fed - on-line science fun & offline suggestion science

4 kid created page for kids about wildlife, great pictures science

4 kid created dinosaur page for kids-great animations science

4 nutrition info for kids science

4 cool forest info and pictures science

4 prevent forest fires - Smoky the Bear fun science





RATE how pencils are made, games, contests & more science

4 Ideas for experiments with kids science

4 create a virtual tiger science

4 good variety of insect info and fun activities science

4 design your own roller coaster , how rides work science

4 "Thinking Fountain"- science potpourri science

4 whales, seal, sharks, penguins and more science

4 butterfly life cycle, facts, great photos science

4 photos, panda facts, send postcards, panda links science

3 check out the photos science

3 real-time camera and turtle fun for kids science

3 fun tooth activities for kids science

3 learn about bees and honey science

3 easy to read/pictures story of Mozart art

5 easy steps for drawing & coloring cartoons art

5 art lessons, gallery, many resources art

4 on-line interactive coloring pages art

4 learn how to draw with easy computer tools art

4 art work from children around the world under 12 yrs art

4 icons to use for your web page art

4 art work created using Kidpix - a family homepage art

4 interactive coloring pages art

3 history of crayola, inside factory, quiz, facts art

3 internet safety rules and games safety

4 internet safety rules/call for free brochure safety

4 slideshow for kids on safety topics safety

4 bicycle, bus pedestrian safety for kids safety

4 on-line pirate theme misc games games

4 Suess interactive reading games games

4 interactive games games

4 solve picture riddles games

4 share jokes and riddles games

4 for kids under 12 who like to golf sports

4 tips and short stories from baseball pros and more sports

4 kid-oriented search engine by question misc

5 everything you want to know about juggling - lots of links misc

5 comprehensive kite site misc

5 excellent resources about pets-coloring page contest misc

4 listen sounds of animals in foreign languages misc

4 space for kids to display work misc

4 Warner Bros animation 101 misc

4 retired teacher created this site all about kites misc

4 links to kid designed web pages misc

4 factory tour, recipes, spoof tour, fun, too commercial misc

3 stories, poems , artwork by kids misc





RATE links to lesson plan ideas for the 100th day of school teacher

4 links to lesson plan ideas by subject teacher

4 links to lesson plans teacher

4 archive of lesson plan teacher

4 Lesson plans and other resources teacher

4 Chat and other resources teacher

4 National Spelling Bee home page teacher

4 lesson plans by subject and grade level teacher

4 medieval theme lesson plans - elementary level teacher

4 simple art starters with links teacher

4 Lesson plans and other resources teacher


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By Eric C. Maass