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Newton's Universal Figment

Eric C. Maass

Well, it seems so long ago  
  that I read this old poem
about a man who told the universe, "Sir, I exist!"

The universe responded,  
"That's alright....." ....It's okay that you exist...
....but that fact doesn't obligate me .... ... in the least."

I thought that pretty neat  
  so I walked out on the street
and I called out to the very first star I did see.

I said, "Hey there universe...  
  Just as sure as I converse
just like that other man before me, "Sir, I exist!"

and the universe said...."Uh, Uh".

Well, imagine my consternation  
  when I came to the realization
I've been a figment of my own imagination all of my.. ()

Now, at first the thought did floor me,  
  but, hey, if I start to bore me,
well, then, I can just ignore me and that's that......