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When I was young, I came to choose

Whether to continue on the path I was on,

Risk a lonely life,

Building the wall between me and others

With different impressions, different conceptions, different connections,

Uncomfortable silences when communication failed

or Whether to choose a new path

Communicating, empathizing,

Being more like others.

Certainly it is a less lonely path,

Likely it is a more successfull path

in money, in friends, in family.

It is the path I chose...

....and yet ...the other path still calls to me ....

Growing engrossed in problem solving

Creating abstract versions of complexities

Exploring abstractions and Alternate approaches

In complex worlds with different axes

Creating complex surfaces

Where Height becomes POWER

Width a dimension ranging from growth to decay

And into the horizon, the diminishing dimension,

The Imaginary axis

The axis of F R E Q U E N C Y

I build a pole in this imaginary world

A mountant that soars smoothly towards the sky

One mountain that Dominates, that Lords over the landscape.

At a distance, a gentle foothill remains

A foothill along the imaginary axis

Power dropping gently along the axis of frequency.

I add another pole, and the mountains merge

But a small smoothe valley remains between

Two poles , two mountains soar and

Steepen the drop along the imaginary axis

Power drops sharply along the axis of frequency

I add a zero to the two poles

A deep pit apart from the two towering mountains.

Through abstraction, I have created a filter.

In abstraction, I create imaginary surfaces.

In abstraction, I build mountains and excavate pits.

In abstraction, the path I once discarded calls to me,

And I surf imaginary worlds...~ ~ ~

~ ~ YES! ~ ~