Eric C. Maass


Eric C. Maass is currently Director of Technology Strategy for Motorola's Wireless and Broadband Systems Group.

and Chairman of the Six Sigma Black Belts Steering Committee for Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector.

His prior positions include Director of Motorola SPS RF/IF Division's Design and Platform Operations, Operations Manager for Wireless Transceiver Products, and Operations Manager for High Performance and Communication Products.

In 2000, Eric was recognized as the Senior Engineer of the Year by the Phoenix Section of IEEE.

Outside of Motorola and his involvement with IEEE, Eric encourages children to get involved with science and technology. Eric is part of the Mad Scientist Network, a web site where he provides answers to science questions and is a Madministator as well. Eric also finds time to read science fiction, create web sites and play the guitar.

Eric was co-editor of the "Handbook of Fiber Optic Data Communication", published in 1998 by Academic Press. He has published articles on integrated voice recognition technology, advanced statistical methods for reducing variability in semiconductor processing, and has received several patents including Yield Surface Modelingª, a statistical method for yield optimization.

Eric has also led efforts to develop high speed communications devices, including an 800 MB/sec transceiver called AutobahnªSpanceiverª,
and a 6 GB/sec optoelectronic datalink called Optobusª,

as well as the 1.575 GHz Receiver IC for a Global Positioning System.

He received his B.A. in Biology from the University of Maryland, his M.S. in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering from Arizona State University, and has completed all coursework and several drafts of his dissertation towards a PhD in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering, also at A.S.U.

Eric also develops and instructs classes at Motorola University for engineers in electronics, advanced statistics, computer design, semiconductor processing, and team-oriented problem solving. He received the "Subject Matter Expert of the Year Award" from Motorola University West.

He led the team which won the Gold Medal in the first Motorola Corporate T.C.S. Competition, and was selected to exemplify problem solving teamwork in the Motorola Corporate training videotape, "Team Problem Solving the Motorola Way". Eric was an invited speaker at the Total Quality Forum, attended primarily by the deans and chairpersons of business and engineering schools from top universities.

Eric is a Six Sigma Black Belt, , Chairman of the Six Sigma Steering Committee for Motorola SPS, and a Senior Member of I.E.E.E.

Please feel welcome to visit his Advanced Statistics Web site.